Woodworking That Sells Beyond Car Boot Sales

Beyond Car Boot Sales

Woodworking That Sells Beyond Car Boot Sales

The quicker and cleaner you make projects the greater chance they will sell well beyond the car boot sales. There is no better time than now to clean out the woodworking shed and get some projects on the go. If you want to take the leap and sell your projects then this article will help you move closer to your goal.

In this article I will be refers to wooden products made at home with basic woodworking skills.

These are skills that you would use say in building yourself a wooden box.

Beyond Car Boot Sales
Make money Woodworking Projects

So having the skills not limited to, but including;

  • Drawing up a plan,
  • Write up a cutting list with part names, dimensions, material type and number of parts.
  • Select real wood or MDF board (Medium Density Fiberboard),
  • Make sure it is unblemished, straight, square and untwisted.
  • Cut parts to size accurately, straight and especially square.
  • Assemble parts so they are also square

Finding Free Plans

There are some great web sites to down load free plans and instructions on line. I use the following;




Items That Sell Beyond The Car Boot Sales.

The type of wood work items to make and are done in a weekend. They would include;

  • Recycled Key Hooks
  • Small Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray with Rope Handles.
  • Pallet Wood Wall Rack.
  • Wooden Box.
  • Step Stool.
  • Scrap Wood Side Table.
  • Pallet Wood Table with Drawers.
  • Children’s Toy’s
  • Dog bowl holder
  • Puzzles
  • Pen stands
  • Cutting Boards
  • Signs

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Car Boot Sale

Different Ways to Sell Beyond The Car Boot Sales.

  1. Find a local seller and you will make things easier for yourself.
  2. Craft fairs, flea markets and weekend street markets
  3. On line on you own Shopify Site – click here for more information
  4. Online As a Affiliate Marketing web own – click here for more information
  5. Sell on Etsy
  6. Social Media
Beyond Car Boot Sales
Make Money Woodworking Projects

Your material costs should remain cheap so your profit margin is greater. I’ve just in the last two years begun to sell my woodwork at local markets. What sells in one area may not sell well in another area. What I’ve learnt is that sales are fickle, one day something is hot, and everything is sold.  Another day none are sold. I have unique items, quality items however all too often only low price that sell.

Make Money Woodworking Projects
Make Money Woodworking Projects

Advertising on social media ‘for sale’ sites produces sales, but sporadically. For some, the answer looks to be made to order, commissioned sales. This business takes time to build. The advantage is there is no guesswork or speculation, the customer orders it, you build it.  The are item that sell consistently are the small simple things like breadboards.

Markets change constantly. I have lots of beautiful woodwork I’ve made, stored carefully, still for sale. Some stuff I’ve had for a few years, since I became semi-retired and began selling my artisan woodwork.

Where you sell your items is where your are most comfortable and where this is a steady source of income. Online sales is an option for the PC users. Placing the item in a bubble wrap parcel, and head down to the post office to courier to you customer. Include the cost of postage in your price.


This article has covered a basic overview of how to sell wooden product you make. I have provide examples of products that sell. Finding free plans and ideas are available on line. I have directed you to a number of resources that I use. Finding innovative ways to sell your products will be an ever changing exercise as markets come and go. Selling by setting up your own web page or using an online platform like Etsy or Shopify is an option. You can marry the two exercises together and become a marketing affiliate as well. This is the topic of article on my  web site called Personnel Autonomy and Affiliate Marketing.  



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