wooden cat condo

Wooden Cat Condo

Modern Cat Condo, Large Cat Condo, Modern Cat Condo,

What ever it is, wooden cat condos can be a work of art containing a cat climbing tree, wooden cat tree, or some awesome cat accessories. All wooden cat condos can be purchased through Shop menu item on this web page.

Why buy this cat condo?Wooden Cat Condo

  1. Unlike most cat furniture, this tree will make your home more beautiful and is made of extremely comfy, premium materials to ensure your cats satisfaction.
  2. Your cat will love it’s resting spots
  3. Minimalistic, modern, and beautiful
  4. You’ll can puchase condo’s that are one of a kind

Kitties love the condo’s due to the variety of textures, from fluffy textiles to woven rattan to real tree branches. All the senses of the cat can be activated in the Cat condo. Cat senses include vision, hearing, sight, reflects and communiction.


The cat with enlarged pupils has a peculiar night vision and can only see the required amount of light in one-sixth of the eye. This is in part the product of cat eyes that have a tapetum lucidum that reflects all the light going through the retina back into the eye which increases the eye’s sensitivity to dim light. With low lighting, pupils of cat extend to cover a wide proportion of the visible surface of their eyes.

The domestic cat, however, has a very weak color vision and only two types of cone cells, for blue and green sensitivities; its capability of distinguishing between red and green is reduced. It has a small proportions of the domestic cat’s pupils. The cat has a very weak colour.


The hearing sensitivity is enhanced by the large moving external ears, the pine nose, which amplify the sound and help locate a noise position. It can hear a range of 10.5 octaves, while people and dogs can hear ranges from about 9 octaves. The Smoke Cats are intensely smelling because of their well-developed olfactory bulb and their wide area of olfactory mucoa, which is about 5.8 cm2 (0.90 in2) in size, which is about two times more than humans.

Cats and many other animals have a Jacobson organ in their mouths which is used in the b. In this way, the ultrasound is sensed and can be sensed by ultrasound triggered by a rodent prey. It helps you to discover other flavors human beings can not do.

Wooden Cat Condo


Cats can also communicate with scents by urinarizing and marking pheromones like 3-mercapto-3-methylbutane-1-o, and many cat can also strongly react to nepetalactone-containing plants, in particular, catnip, as they are less than one part of the per billion. Cats can also communicate with scents of the cats. Nepetalactone is affecting approximately 70-80 percent of cats.

Whiskers And Movement

Dozens of moving whiskers (vibrissae) are above the cat’s bodies, particularly their faces, for navigation and sensation. These provide information on the breadth and location of the items in the dark, both of which affect objects actively and detect air flow, and also cause defensive flash reflections to protect the eyes from damage.

Movement And Communication

The height of a cat condo offers a better vantage point for the cat to track its territory. A further potential explication. After a fall from a higher position the cat turns the body reflectively and can land on its feet using his strong sense of balance and stability. The cat falls from a height of up to 3 meters onto its paws.

This reflection is known as a cat-right reflection. After falling, an individual cat has the same rights if it has enough time to do so. Cats without a tail have this reflex as well Since the end of the 19th century several explications have been proposed: cats depend on the preservation of angular momentum.

The rotation angle of the front body is larger than that of the front body.The dynamics of the falling cat have been explained with the thesis. The height of this reflex is about 90 cm. The cats without a tail has this reflex. The timing of cats activities varies greatly, suggesting that house-cats can be more active in the morning and evening as a reaction to increased human actions at this time,

Wooden Cat CondoCats save energy by sleeping more than other animals, particularly as they get older. In this study cats are able to grow territoried areas that differ considerably in size ranging from 7 to 28 hectares. The normal duration of sleep is between 12 and 16 hours. Some cats are going to sleep for 20 hours.

The word “cat nap” refers to the propensity for a short period for the cat to fall asleep (lightly). Cats are often sleeping with muscle twitches that indicate they dream during short periods of rapid movement of the eye. Society Services Social care Domestic cat social behaviour, from widespread individuals to feral cat colonies, which gather around a food source based on co-operating women.

These areas are marked by spraying the urine, rubbing the area on the head with secretions of the facial glass and defecation. These areas are friendly areas, where cats watch and greet each other without any dispute about the territory. Apart from these neutral places, the landowners usually hunt off foreign cats, firstly with staring, hissing and mourning and then with brief but noisy, violent attacks, if that doesn’t work.

Despite some colonial cats, they do not have a strategy for social survival or a pack-mentality and are always hunting alone. Older cats, in particular, exhibit hostility towards kittens that have recently arrived, including biting and scratching; these forms of behavior are known as feline associal aggression. Life closely associated with human beings and other domestic animals has contributed to symbiotic social adaptation in cats.

Ethologically speaking, a cat’s human guardian functions like a substitute for a cat’s mother. Cats adults are living a sort of extended kittenhood and behavioral neotency. Their high-pitched ringtones can sound like the scream of a starving child, making it particularly difficult for human beings to ignore it.

The scent rubbing behaviors of domestic cats against human beings or any other cat are regarded as an intrinsically felt form of social bonding. Tail and ears are important structures for the social signal of cats. A raised tail is welcomed and flattened ears show hostility.

Tail-raising also refers to the role of the cat within the group’s social hierarchy, controlled individuals raising their tails less frequently than subordinates. Feral cats are generally silent. Touching nose-to-nose is often a common welcome and can be accompanied by social treatment, asking one cat to lift and tilt its heads.

Purring cats often ruminate as signs of satisfaction: pettiness, relaxation, or food. The function of cats purr is insidious. The cat has no particular anatomical feature that specifically accounts for the sound. Tanning The hooked papillae of a cat is like a hairbrush for brushing the fur.

A tabby casket uses a brain-like tongue to scrub, licking her hair to stretch it.

Some cats, particularly cats with long hair, often regenerate fur hairballs from their stomach. The use of processes that facilitate hair removal over the gut and the regular brushing of the cover with a steep brush will stop hair balls.


As you can see the cat condo has many uses for our feline friends. Height and texture are important for the cats sense of direction and territory. Cat condos are for comfort and functional use to help the cat navigate to a safe place to sleep, something that cats love to do a lot of.


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