Which Drill Will I Buy?

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There are so many drill models on the market, its very hard to know which one to buy for your woodworking projects. You will need to look at a number of things that will influence your decision. When purchasing woodworking tools supplies, in particluar woodworking power tools, a number of factors will affect your decison. Also, your first drill purchased will not be your last.

There are light or heavy duty drills. If the drill is too heavy it will cause muscle strain and be unpleasant to maintain its use. If the drill it too light, its may not withstand the strain of being used on heavier materials and may not be very robust.

The battery capacity is another factor to consider. I noticed now that drills usually come with a set of battery attachments. Those drills with a higher voltage will need higher powered battery attachments. So check when buying a battery that it will withstand the type of use the drill will have. You want to have a look at the motor and the battery technology together.

The drill size matters. Big drills take up space. This is not a virtue when you’re working in a tight area. Smaller compact drills are easy to store.  Your body type may not be able to use a large drill for extended periods of time. The drill may not be able to get into tight spaces. Recently I purchased a new drill kit for a single mum to use at home fixing small items. I was able to get a small but robust chordless drill which fits on the laundry shelf for under $50.

What is the drill function? The basic function is to rotate a drill or drive a bit drill into wood or metal. A drill with the basic function cost less because they are less expensive to make.  Better drills have more settings for fast driving and unscrewing of the screws in various materials. Many trades use an impact drill driver. The impact function does not work well on some materials like metals and it can be noisy. Its best if the impact function can be switched on or off as desired. The accessories that come with the drill need to be assess. There is nothing worse than getting back to the shed and realised you missing a bit and have to go back to the shop.

Comfortable cordless drills versus mains powered is another factor to consider. For easy use a cordless drill is more suitable. Choose wisely. Small hardware stores have limited ranges the variety of drills on the market can be overwhelming but you can go on line to assess brands before you buy.

What type of work you want to use the drill dictates the type of drill you buy. If you like a particular brand then check the products websites for the full range and specifications.  Some suppliers of trade quality brands have so many models to choose from that they want to satisfy the customers requirements as fully as they can.

Choose wisely and you’ll be assured that the drill purchased will be value for money

If you invest in a quality drill that best fit for your needs you will enjoy woodworking much more.

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6 thoughts on “Which Drill Will I Buy?

  1. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and I have the opportunity to discuss with you a wonderful topic. I love to do woodworking and since I was a kid I try to make different types of furniture with wood .But sometimes my wood work requires a drill machine .Since I do woodworking as a hobby, I don’t need very large drill machines. I use a medium size drill machine for my woodwork and it doesn’t bother me to carry it .I totally agree with you because I think I should buy a drill machine depending on my work. And I hope that after reading your article, many will be aware of this and will share their experiences with you very soon.

    1. Thank you kindly for reply…Your my first feedback on comments. Thank you for taking the time out to share your love of woodwork too. cheers Jen

  2. I remember back in the day before cordless drills that the power source was never really an issue when purchasing a drill. Now it is yet another thing to consider because power drain and charging are added wrinkles to consider.

    I am in the market for a good cordless drill but mainly for light maintenance/construction around the house. Based on your recommendations I think light to medium weight drill would be best. Is there a particular brand you recommend?

    1. Thank you Robert for your feeback. I am a Ryobi or Dewalt fan myself. They are rebust and are smartly presented with all the attachments. Nothing worse than having to return to the shop for more parts. Thank You Kindly Jen

  3. This article was pretty awesome and explained why I need to be careful about what I am considering when I want to buy a power drill and to contemplate the reason for why I am purchasing a power drill. What would be the best drill for drilling through metal and what would you need to consider the most when drilling through metal?

    1. Thank you Jon for your feedback back. To answer your question, it depends if its a job around the house or a contruction job where you need a bit more grunt in the drill. These days its very confusing for people. The chord free drills are just as powerful as the plugin ones. My suggestion would be to go onto the Makita web page and see what is available for drilling metals. Stay away from hammer drills. They are for hard wood and cement. I would recommend a cobalt or high tensile drill bit to drill through steel. A middle of the range drill from Makita, Ryobi or Dewalt will do the job. I personally like Ryobi. If its thick metal, drill a pilot hole first with a 1/8 bit drill bit then swap to a thicker drill bit to enlarge the hole size. Most of the drills these days are duel purpose. All the best with finding the right drill for you. cheers Jen

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