Wood Tapestry Rods

Are you looking at how to hang wood tapestry rods for an easy and elegant display of your wall tapestries? Tapestry rods include designs such as Feather Antique, Fleur de Lis Antique, Antique Square, Arrow, and Fleur Finial to suit a range of styles, and to enable easy hanging of your tapestries. The tapestry rods … Read more Wood Tapestry Rods

Supersonic Wooden Model Concorde

supersonic concorde

One of the most fascinating aircraft ever to take to the skies, the Concorde SST (Supersonic Transport) is the result of a joint effort by England and France. This Supersonic Wooden Model Concorde is easy to make and easy for beginners. The planes, which weigh close to 200 tons and are over 200 feet long, … Read more Supersonic Wooden Model Concorde

The Australian Backyard Shed

backyard shed

The Backyard Shed is an integral part of Australian life. No other nation values them as we do. Despite this, our sheds, modest from the outside yet glorious on the inside, have never really been recorded or their many purposes explained. Sheds come and go with no-one the wiser, remaining secret, and mysterious places that … Read more The Australian Backyard Shed

Significant Meaning For Wood Carved Box

natural wood industry

Wood Carved Box – What at first seems to be merely an acquired material culture is actually part of a series of historically and socially significant intercultural subjects and practises. The typical wood carved boxes can be seen to have link to various cultures all over the world. Many can be found on Etsy and … Read more Significant Meaning For Wood Carved Box

Free Chat Room At The Men’s Shed

Free Chat Room

For most men, The Men’s Shed is more than just a place to come and do projects. Its also a free chat room in reality. Free Chat Room The modern Men’s Shed is an updated version of the shed in the backyard that has long been a part of Australian culture. Men’s Sheds are found … Read more Free Chat Room At The Men’s Shed

Buying For A Craftsman Tool Box

Craftsman Tool Box

Buying For A Craftsman Tool Box I wish I asked this question when I started woodworking over 30 years ago. What do I buy next for my Craftsman Tool Box? There are 3 main factors that dictate what to buy next in your tool box. These factors are; The type of project I am doing. … Read more Buying For A Craftsman Tool Box

How To Build A Wooden Boat For Beginners

wooden boat plans

Wooden Boat Plans Wood is the most popular material for home-built boats under 30ft long, Marine plywood and  waterproof glues have simplified boat building for the amateur. Wooden boat plans are available online for you  to follow. Before the Second World War, wooden boats were built from solid timbers in clinker or caravel fashion, with … Read more How To Build A Wooden Boat For Beginners

Antique Cabinet Making From 17th Century

mary styled chairs

Antique Cabinets Abound. Dutch and Oriental influences abounded in the late 17th and early 18th centuries in antique Cabinetmaking in Europe and England. We must look at the William and Mary and Queen Anne periods (1689-1702 and 1702-1714).  This is when the Continental styles which had accompanied Charles II across the Channel were first absorbed … Read more Antique Cabinet Making From 17th Century

Stacked Ply Furniture

stacked ply table

Stacked Plywood  Technique Make A Computer Desk With The Stacked Ply Technique – How About It I say “how about it” because I seem to have found it difficult to find woodworkers locally working with stacked ply. In some way this is a desk come dining table. The plan was left behind at the local … Read more Stacked Ply Furniture