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If you are thinking of buying a table saw for your home woodworking shed, then you have come to the right page. The table saw is the most used modern tool in the wood work shed. If you are a beginner, you could start out with any of the following table saws. The cost of small table saws can range between $199 with the Ozito and $900 with Dewalt and Makita. Larger table saws are available and are much more expensive.

Some thought into your purchase is needed to keep yourself safe and sound. This list is not all inclusive. I believe there is a Metabo, Hitachi and Milwaukee table saws suitable for a home based work shops too. I have listed the 5 main units that people buy in Australia. I have added in a list from Amazon as well.

For the beginner to intermediate wood worker and for those smaller jobs, these table saws are sufficient. Its important to look at the features each unit offers. Its safe to say its a safe bet to start with a good combination blade. For those units on legs, you need to ask are they adjustable to waist height for safety reasons.

Sadly, the cheaper units are very loud and accessorized with cheap plastic parts, and unstable legs. I’ve had my neighbor complain about the noise and I had to make some changes. Have a look around for table saws sale.

Product (AUD)Ripping FenceLeft and Right TiltMitre GaugeMotor SizeSaw BladeTable Top
Makita 1500W 260mm Table Saw
Approx $679

Makita 260mm
Yes - Robust and clamps in wellRHS max. rip / LHS max. rip 630mm / 530mmYes - made with sturdy aluminum
1500TCT Saw bladeNo stand. But has
Extension table
Electric brake
On-tool storage
Ryobi 1800W 254mm Table Saw Approx $499
Ryobi 1800W 254mm
YesR & L 45 DegreesYes1800 254mm/10" blade - 48 tooth T/CarbideFolding stand
with wheels.
DeWALT 1850W 260mm Table Saw Approx $849
Dewalt 260mm
Yes - Robust
R & L 45 DegreesYes - made with sturdy aluminum
185024 tooth SERIES 30 saw bladeCast table
top design.
Ozito 2000W 254mm Table Saw Approx $199
Ozito 2000W 254
Yes - does not remain fixed in its positionR & L 45 DegreesYes - made from thin plastic.
200048 tooth T/Carbide blade
Has a stand

If you wish to purchase a table saw within Australia, click on the banner below. 


Amazon Ranking (International)

Amazon has ranked the five best selling Tables Saws as follows;

(Personally I would prefer the Makita or Dewalt for value for money)

If you wish to buy any of the following from any country CLICK HERE

Image Product Name Amperage RPM Check Amazon
Rockwell RK7323s Rockwell RK7323 5.5 Amp 3,000 rpm Please check Price
Makita 2705X1s Makita 2705X1 15 Amp 4,800 rpm Please check Price
DEWALT DW745s DEWALT DW745 15 Amp 38,50 rpm Please check Price
SKIL 3410 02s SKIL 3410-02 15 Amp 5,000 rpm Please check Price
Bosch 4100 10s Bosch 4100-10 15 Amp 3650 rpm Please check Price

I hope this article is of benefit to you and you get to create some great things in your home shed. Safety always comes first. Read the manuals, ask for help and double check the setting up of your unit. If you are unsure ask the manufacturer or go back to the shop from where you purchased the unit.

I regularly need to strip large pieces of hardwood and rather than do it at home, I go down to the local Men’s Shed. Yes they have women there too. And we use this fantastic table saw by Harvey. The model is HW110L.

harvey hw110lge 30 table saw 900135 00
Table Saw we use at the local Men’s Shed

The 110 series includes 3HP TEFC motor, advanced riving knife, cast iron and precision ground table along with 30″ extension wing. In addition, our innovative “workstation” incorporates table saw with an optional built-in router table and a 1400mm sliding table, simply makes it a universal machine for any woodworking shop or hobbyist.

The price of this unit currently is $2519 .00 AUD

(YOU SAVE $480.00 (16%)) 

If you want to purchase this table saw instead then CLICK HERE.


  • Precision ground cast iron worktable and extension wings
  • 3HP TEFC motor
  • 30mm Arbor
  • 10″ Carbide Tooth Blade
  • Plug-in quick change device makes blade guard & riving
  • Knife change-over within a few minutes
  • Mitre gauge, standard insert and dado insert
  • Deluxe rip fence system for accuracy and reliability
  • 4″ dust collection port


  • Universal mobile base MB-600
  • Zero clearance insert ZC-10
  • Tenoning jig TJ-80
  • Sliding table attachment ST-1400
  • Router table attachment RT-100

If your Shed is large and able to cater for a larger table then I would recommend this one. I have been using the model prior to this one for 5 years. Well, happy wood working. I hope I have provided you with more than enough choices to cater to your needs.

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7 thoughts on “Table Saws for Home Woodworking Shed

  1. I have at home a lot of tools and equipment from Makita. I can say that I am very pleased and appreciate the amazing work that the Japanese do. This Table Saw is definitely very high quality and I would really like to buy one. I have been looking for such a product for a long time and I can say that my favorite is the Makita MLT100N, without a doubt. It is amazing how the price is so cheap, only $ 679.00 considering that I found on other sites prices in excess of $ 1000. A great advantage is the power of the engine 1500W  that can help you cut almost any material you want. Thank you very much for this informative article.

  2. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on Table saws for home woodwork and find it very useful for me. While reading I know the beginner to intermediate wood worker and for those smaller jobs, these table saws are sufficient. Its important to look at the features each unit offers. If your Shed is large and able to cater for a larger table then I would recommend this one. Thanks for sharing awesome guide

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about Table saws for home woodworking Shed. Beginning in the middle of the woodland and the table saw are enough for this small task and I want to buy it. I’m looking to buy a table saw in Australia. Can you help me with buying them? I enjoyed reading your article and found this valuable information. I will share your article with my friends so my friends can benefit from reading your article. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. I thank you again for providing such a beautiful post.

    1. Hi Md, 

      Thank you kindly, yes I wish like this one when I first started. But every year more design come out on the market. And yes I can help you choose which is the best Table saw for you. Safety is the first thing I look at. Kind Regards Jen

  4. I’m not a woodworking hobbyist myself as i never got a chance to learn Woodworking, but even so i do appreciate beautiful wood carvings and buy from time to time when i see something i really like.  

    Some of these Table Saws for use in woodworking sheds that you’ve listed here are far better than the saws i’ve come across whenever i have to visit wood carvers or those guys that make or repair furniture in my country.  I really liked how sturdy that last saw looked.  

    That’s the Harvey HW110L.  I Googled it and i was right.  It’s real sturdy.  If i had to buy a saw right now, that’s the one i would spend my money on.

    1. Hi Donald, thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes the last saw is a beauty. I have use the machine a lot. All the best… regards Jen

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