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In March 2020 the outlook for Makita is continued market growth. Dividends to shareholders has risen by 30% in twelve months.

The outcomes have differed from the forecasts. The Japanese economy has displayed increasing signs of slowing in the first nine months of the year ended 31 March 2020, with market sentiences weakening because of the rising uncertainty, including the Pandemic, US-China trade tensions, changes around Brexit and the instability in the Middle East.

During the same time last year, the combined revenue rose by 1.7 percent to 373,261 million yen owing primarily to good sales in Japan, while the volume of overseas revenues declined when converted into yen.

Sales in Japan rose 11.7% to 75.026 million yen. This is due to increasing demand for highly functional cordless devices, a lack of work on building sites and good sales of wireless gardening equipment.

Exports in Europe increased 3.1 percent to 163,068 million yen in spite of a decline in volume of exports caused by an improvement of the yen relative to Euro, helped by the high demand for equipment in almost all areas and steady sales of cordless gardening equipment.

The consequence of a lenient housing market in Australia reduced sales in Oceania by 5.1% to 21.695 million yen.

Makita’s headquarters and its major sales, manufacturing and R&D bases are located in Japan, and its procurement, manufacturing, sales and product development site are located worldwide. These sites are connected globally through an operational network.

Makita boasts the world’s largest 18v tool and industrial accessory lineup. They are a trusted brand with over 100 years of proven design, reliability and quality in power tools and products for the building and construction, gardening and outdoor user.

Makita 18v-30ah-cordless-combo-kit_512x

Makita’s service via internet access has been increasing and aims to provide uninterrupted services even when adverse events occur such as power ourtages during an earthquake.

Makita tools and accessories are created through a process of stringent design and testing with the trades, to craft their tools for best suitability and performance on the job.

The LXT platform features a world-class range of 18v and 36v (2x18v) tools. and now 40v. From cordless tools, combo kits, batteries and chargers, an extensive range of dust extraction and maintenance options as well as outdoor tools, equipment and clothing. All cordless tools are covered with a 3-year warranty, batteries and chargers a 2-year warranty and clothing and accessories 1 year.

Battery Technology

Makita 18v Lithium-Ion batteries are available in 1.5Ah, 3Ah, 4Ah, 5Ah and 6Ah variations. the batteries are lightweight using fewer cells than other brands. In fact, a 6Ah 18v battery can weigh as little as half some competitors 6Ah batteries.

Star Protection is included with all 18v Batteries as indicated by the Star symbol on the battery. This is the inbuilt computer system in the battery that improves performance and battery life. It communicates with the charger during charging to improve charge time and protects your tools and batteries from overload, over-discharge and overheating.

Makita 18v batteries feature a fuel gauge that easily shows the user how much life is left in the battery before requiring to be recharged. They have built-in shock absorption to prolong their life, vents to keep them cool whilst still blocking out dust and debris.

Makita 18V     Makita 18V      Makita 18V     Makita 18V     Makita 18V
Battery Chargers

Makita has available both single and dual 18v battery chargers. Both chargers are also available in standard or rapid charge configurations. As well as a standard speed 4 slot charger. The dual rapid charge charger will charge two 6Ah 18v batteries in 55 minutes simultaneously.

Makita 18V        Makita 18V        Makita 18VMakita 18V



LXT Stands for Lithium Extreme Technology


The charger communicates with the individual cell in battery and then it controls current, voltage, and temperature.Both rapid and optimum charges are achieved. It makes battery life longer.
Total Power Delivery Amount of each battery’s service lifetime
Note: The numbers in the chart are relative values when the amount of Ni-cd 2.0Ah is indexed at 100.
Build In Memory Chip / CPU
chip_1 battery_charger Makita 18V
The built-in memory chip in battery records the battery usage history and transmits it to the charger. The CPU built in charger analyzes its condition; high temperature, re-charge after full charged, over-discharging. The battery lasts long life because it can be charged at the best method and time.
Well Balanced Charging
Capacity Balanced Battery Pack
Competitor A :
Capacity Unbalanced Battery Pack
tube_1 tube_2
1. It is designed that an individual cell whose condition is fully discharged, works well. It is hard to have over-discharge and an overcharge because the individual cell capacity prevent the inconsistency.

2. It is possible to use it efficiency because the capacity of each cell is not uneven and discharges evenly.

1. Competitor charging system causes to decrease the capacity of the cell, which weakened by the heavy load work because Competitors do not install an optimum charge.

2. Discharge stops by using the capacity of the weakened cell completely, when you use the power tool in the condition, noted as above.
Therefore the capacities of other cells are not used completely, so that workloads are decreased at a charge.

Fast Charging with Cooling FanMakita 18V.

It is necessary to cool down the battery which is high temperature after use. MAKITA has developed the original charger system; Built-in the cooling fan. The stand-by time until the charge starts is greatly shortened by cooling efficiently. In addition, the charger keeps cooling while charging it, and the rapid charge is achieved.

The charging time in practical condition
In case the battery gets heated to 700C right after use, while being charged in an environment of 250C.
Lightweight and Firm Holding
lighter firm_holding
Multi-contact terminals reduce electrical resistance and increase connection stability withstanding against vibration, and ultimately ensures stable current supply to the tool.
No Memory Effect and No discharging required Heavy Duty Pack Low Self Discharge
memory_effect heavy_duty_pack low self discharge

Power Tool Accessories

Makita has an extensive range of accessories for the high-end user. Starting with a large range of saw blades. From their efficient efficut and silenced range to their amazing knot and nail demolition and construction blades. Diamond blades to grinding disks, Impact driver tips to HSS drill sets. All are industry quality and built with the trades in mind.

fixing bitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill BitsDrill Bits

Drill BitsDrill BitsDrill Bits


Makpac Storage System

Drill Bits


This storage system is a job site modular storage and transport system for your tools and accessories called Makpac. Strong, portable with collapsible handles they are built job site tough and as part of the Makpac range. All units stack and connect together as one piece and can be fully customised to suit your needs and has a specifically designed dolly and trolly options. The trolley features large rubberised ball bearing wheels and a collapsible design.makia batteries makpacOutdoor Power Equipment

Makita have the largest 18v Outdoor Power Equipment range amongst its competitors. The product range includes various size lawn mowers, lines trimmers, brush cutters, chain saws, blowers and hedge trimmers. The range also includes 36v tools that can be powered by two 18v batteries.

makita lawn mower                   makita line trimmer                makita bush cutter            makita-chainsawmakita blowermakita hedge trimmer

Which combo kit is the right kit for you?

There is a large variety of different Makita 18v combo kits for specific trades and end-user groups including, but not limited to; Carpentry, Joiners, Agriculture, Automotive, Plumbing, Electrical, Landscaping and Maintenance.

XGT 40v Powered Cordless Tools

Coming in 2020, Makita has announced a new range of XGT 40v tools to complement the existing and continually expanding LXT 18v range. These new 40v tools will have increased power for high demand industrial applications.

In the case of the new brushless driver-drill and impact wrench, they are also smaller and more compact than the existing 18v equivalent.All the 40v Batteries will include an LED light indicators that show how much charge is left in the battery.

At launch, we can expect a new Brushless Impact driver, Brushless Driver drill. 185mm Brushless Circular saw, 2 new 125mm Brushless grinders, a new Brushless Reciprocating saw and 2 new Rotary Hammers, A 2 piece and a 6 piece combo kit with batteries and charger will also be available.

More release announcements to come, closer to launch.XGT 40v Battery and Charging OptionsThe new XGT system will feature 2.5Ah and 4Ah high output 40v batteries. These batteries can be charged on the new single-slot charger in as little as 28mins.

Makita has announced an adapter so that both your 18v and 40v batteries can be charged on the same 40v charger.The 40v charger includes LED light indicators that show how much charge the batteries have.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              makita xgt 40v charging option          makita xgt 40v charging options










Makita has come with a technology that puts circuits into batteries. The circuits continually monitor the performance of the batteries so as to prevent overheating, overloading and over-discharging. When sensors detect danger in the system, they kick in immediately thereby protecting the tool from any damage. The system can enable your battery to last for a long time.

To put the icing on the cake, the charger is fitted with LXT rapid optimum technology for faster charging. This means that you will not have to halt your project for a long time so as to recharge the battery.

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