Recycled Wood Products

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Hand crafted recycled jarrah table....
Hand crafted recycled jarrah table made from old floorboards.

Recycled Wood Products

Reclaim wood is universal favorite choice of material for popular items. Tables and chairs made with woods like jarrah are expensive. Thus, recycled wood provides options to make money with woodworking.

Furthermore, the wooden furniture niche comes with numerous options. Once you get a hang of making furniture. Then, you can come up with a lot of ideas with woodworking layout plans.

But if you are a newbie, then you can begin with easy furniture to make and sell.

I think the beauty of using recycled wood is you are never  sure what the item will look like in the end. Before dressing the wood, one never knows how the dress wood material will look like. The table to the right is from recycle jarrah floor boards. Its very heavy sturdy table in my kitchen. I have crafted coffee tables, boxes and side tabke with recycled wood and it never disappoints the end result.

Source recycled wood can be a task when maintaining a budget.

  1. Unused or derelict barns: This may opr may not be available to you. But in rural Australia local hardwoods can be found in good condition. You can upcycle or dress the wood, stripping back weathered wood to a clean wood grain.
  2. Shipping crates: Shipping crates are usually made of hard wood in Australia, which is considered excellent for garden projects. These crates are usually found at ports, where shipping companies buy them to sell to users. By visiting these ports, you can find out what’s available on sale and in what quantity. Often, these crates are chemically treated, so it helps to ask for those devoid of toxic chemical treatment.
  3. Old building sites: Call it reclaimed wood or lumber, salvaged wood or recycled wood–sourcing old wood from a building now not in use for a modern construction project comes with a slew of advantages. It’s eco-friendly, durable, stronger than others since it is part of old-growth trees that are entirely pollution-free. It also comes with a beautifully natural weathered appearance, adding to its native rustic look that adds character and definition to any home it is part of.
  4. The local demolition companies: Builders or property developers who buy property usually demolish the existing building and clear away the debris. Part of it is the woodwork which you can pay for and take away. After all, property developers or demolition companies will only whisk away all the debris and dump it out at the tip. I have found a lot of my wood at the local demolition yard who now gives me a discount as a regular customer
  5. Salvage yards and lumber yards: A salvage yard is the ideal place for some beautiful naturally weathered pieces of wood that you can use for your kitchen cabinets. It’s worthwhile to check out the wood species and quantity available and on the basis of these, determine what you would like to use it for. Once you buy salvaged wood, you can hire a professional woodworker to refinish the wood, as he would have the necessary tools to remove any paint, nails or screws lodged here. Or do it yourself and learn to use the tools necessary to complete the project.
  6. River logs: Another place you can find reclaimed wood is a river log. The wood from here can be used successfully for furniture, flooring and crafts. Some trunks of trees can be found easier to dig up at the river front because the ground is wet and soft. Let the woood dry and you can make an very unique coffee table base, just for example..
  7. Used furniture: Sometimes, old wooden furniture like a chest of drawers, a desk or an old bed can be just the thing you’re looking for, if you want reclaimed wood for your DIY woodworking projects. Check out second-hand stores or yard sales where these things are usually sold.
  8. Internet: If you’ve asked every friend to put you in touch with people selling old barns or homes with good wood, obviously you haven’t scouted the Internet. For all things, this is an invaluable source of locating reclaimed wood, because here you’ll find people trying to get rid of old boards, window frames or trees that are getting in their way. Etsy, Ebay and Fishpond are great starters.

Why the interest in reclaimed wood and reclaimed wood products?

There seems to be a big buzz in the market concerning reclaimed wood and using recycled wood products. Why? Well, for these five precious reasons:

  • Wood species: This is the most important parameter of the value of your wood. If you own a wood species that is valuable in the antique market or that is unavailable today, you can sell it for a high price. Good examples of prized wood species are longleaf pine and American chestnut.
  • Unique appearance: Its antique appearance can enliven and add charm to any home.
  • Size: What’s highly prized today are wider boards that can be easily sawn. These include white oak, American chestnut and longleaf pine. Beams are more valuable than boards.
  • Condition: If the wood you have is in superb condition, it can attract a high price in the timber market if you sell. So, check for any signs of damage, such as insect damage, checks, rotten holes, or if they have several screws, metal objects or nails. However some recycled wood products have more character with metal object or old fashion nails polisheup. If any of these are present in the wood you own, it will fetch a lower price in the market.

Any dry wood you own that has been saved from the ravages of extreme weather is more valuable than wood that has rotted over time.

Recycled Wood Products
  • Contribution to green building: Using reclaimed wood to build homes is recycling at its peak. It is an excellent green building material which serves to save our natural resources (wood) rather than end up in landfills. By recycling reclaimed wood to make products beams, flooring or staircases, you can add value to your home.
  • Growth rings: The slow growth of certain trees ends up in premium quality sawn wood. This is evident in their growth rings. Some trees have growth rings that are very near each other to the extent that they cannot be distinguished from each other. Wider growth rings are less valuable than their slow growth counterparts.
  • Bulk: Only if you have large quantities of good quality timber is it worth any buyer’s while, thanks to the exorbitant cost of shipping and handling.

When you are looking to purchase recycled wood for creating recycled wood products to sell, here are some things to look out for. Make sure the wood is straight not warped. Demolition sites are good places to start, and you may not be paid for picking up old planks of wood. Buy as much as you need at the outset: If you want to use the same wood type for several projects at home, ensure that you buy as much as you needed.

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