Ageless Trinket Box

trinket box

  It is difficult to know when the intricately carved wood jewelry or trinket box made its first appearance, that is definitely a difficult history to trace. Treen (literally “of a tree”) is a generic name for small handmade functional household objects made of silver, pewter, and ceramics and wood. Treen is distinct from furniture, such … Read more Ageless Trinket Box

Wood Tapestry Rods

Are you looking at how to hang wood tapestry rods for an easy and elegant display of your wall tapestries? Tapestry rods include designs such as Feather Antique, Fleur de Lis Antique, Antique Square, Arrow, and Fleur Finial to suit a range of styles, and to enable easy hanging of your tapestries. The tapestry rods … Read more Wood Tapestry Rods

3 Facts About Power Tools On Sale

Power Tools

You have found power tools on sale and you ready to buy and add to your collection When you consider adding a new power tool to your arsenal, you probably pay more attention to its various speeds, capacities, and shiny accessories than to what the handle looks and feels like. But power and performance mean … Read more 3 Facts About Power Tools On Sale

Supersonic Wooden Model Concorde

supersonic concorde

One of the most fascinating aircraft ever to take to the skies, the Concorde SST (Supersonic Transport) is the result of a joint effort by England and France. This Supersonic Wooden Model Concorde is easy to make and easy for beginners. The planes, which weigh close to 200 tons and are over 200 feet long, … Read more Supersonic Wooden Model Concorde

The Australian Backyard Shed

backyard shed

The Backyard Shed is an integral part of Australian life. No other nation values them as we do. Despite this, our sheds, modest from the outside yet glorious on the inside, have never really been recorded or their many purposes explained. Sheds come and go with no-one the wiser, remaining secret, and mysterious places that … Read more The Australian Backyard Shed

Amber and Wood

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When amber is combined with wood in jewelry and works’ of art it reveals a new expression and tone. Gold gives a shade of luxury, silver – cool elegance, leather – a sense of warmth and comfort. Wood has a special at place in this unlimited number of components. The combination of wood and amber … Read more Amber and Wood

Wooden Cat Condo

wooden cat condo

Modern Cat Condo, Large Cat Condo, Modern Cat Condo, What ever it is, wooden cat condos can be a work of art containing a cat climbing tree, wooden cat tree, or some awesome cat accessories. All wooden cat condos can be purchased through Shop menu item on this web page. Why buy this cat condo? … Read more Wooden Cat Condo