Wood Working Shed Commandments

  1. Thou shalt make an efficient set-out of all work. For a good drawing is like unto a beacon set on a hill.
  2. Thou shalt arrange that the best-looking timber shall stand in the best place, and the worst shall be hidden away.
  3. Choose or prepare a face-side and edge, at all times preparing the side before the edge, and marking both in a manner that cannot be misunderstood.
  4. Mark for each group of pieces a pattern, and, clamping it alongside its fellow, quickly transfer thy marks with ease and confidence.
  5. Group thy operations, for repetition is the mother of accuracy and speed.
  6. At all times sever wood fibres across the grain before attempting to split out the waste from a mortise or a housing;
  7. Bore all screw holes slack in the shank and tight in the thread, for thou shalt ensure a close fit and avoid evil temper.
  8. Leave on all thy lines until the end of a job, for the destruction of evidence is that may be of a criminal.
  9. Fit intricate joints separately before assembly, and clean up such faces as ‘will later ‘ be inaccessible.
  10. Prepare a truly level surface and make a trial clamping of thy work before applying the glue.
  11. Glue the joints and clamp hard so the glue can chill. See that thy job is square, and thou shalt clean it up with care, remembering that a “flat” surface is the mark of a clever workman.
  12. Thou shalt not sandpaper away any quirk or edge from a mould.

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