10 Ways To Decorate A Wood Box

Decorate A Wood Box

There are so many ways to decorate a wood box or upcycle an old box, it is hard to condense the words into one blog.

However, with a few handy tools and products on the market, you can decorate a plain wood box into a family heirloom in no time at all. Musical, stackable, lightweight or storage boxes can be upcycled or changed to a style of your liking.

Types of Jewelry Boxes by Shape, Size & Features

Decorate a wood box


After looking at all the possible combinations of types of jewelry boxes by usage and designs, we’re going further by exploring all the possible types of jewelry boxes, by form, size & common features.

Musical boxes are a charmingly classic item. They are a dream present for a young girl’s bedroom dresser.

When open the box, you are first presented with a musical sound and possibly a twirling ballerina.

Playing a usually well-known piece of classical music, most of them have a ballerina or some other figurine that spins to the rhythm of the song.

Decorate a wood box

These boxes are suited for a child’s keepsakes, which doesn’t have that many items. Often found in specialty shops.

Finding them online is a great place to start. The most popular web sites include;







Stackable Jewellery Boxes can be found on www.etsy.com.au

Decorate a wood boxIf you wish to build your own storage system then velvet jewelry tray organizers ARE the BIG DEAL.

Simply every girl or woman wants them and we can’t blame them for building your own big jewelry keepsake box. Find them on Etsy with these qualities;

• Made with high Quality velvet , smooth finish to protect your jewelry
• Small / medium / large size over 20 design tray to DIY your own drawer jewelry box
•Beautiful presentation for any of your jewelry

📌 size : except the pillow grids and glasses , all others size are : 35*24*3cm /13.78″x9.45″x1.18″


  • 4 pillow grids :34x8x3.5cm /13.39″3.15″x1.38″
  • 6 pillow grids : 24x18x5cm / 9.45″x7.09″x1.97″
  • 12 pillow grids :35x24x5cm /13.78″x9.45″x1.97″

Stackable boxes save on space and assist with organising your stuff.

They consist of some trays that you stack on top of each other. The top tray has a hinged top.

Usually, each tray has a different shape, providing a range of storage options for different types of jewelry.

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Stackable draw helps you to select the trays that have the right number of each compartment for you.

High End Jewelry Boxes are usually lockable.

Lockable jewelry boxes are something anyone with a love for luxury pieces should think. They give some extra reassurance that your jewelry is kept secure.Decorate a wood box

The majority of lockable jewelry boxes have a lock and key mechanism, while the more advanced ones will use a code to secure your jewelry. Most people prefer lockable boxes over the other styles because they are the best choice in the world of jewelry boxes.

Decorate a wood box
Wood Carved Box

Lift top jewelry boxes are collectibles.

They are more practical not only because the lid is hard to misplace, but also because of all the space underneath the lid, which is very difficult to put to good use with a detachable lid.

In most lift top jewelry boxes, the interior of the lid has a mirror, which is very conveniently positioned for people who want to put on several pieces of jewelry before settling on the right one. They are very convenient for the majority of jewelry lovers. Other lift top boxes put the room to good use by providing pouches, inside of which people can store jewelry. They can also hang earrings on the elastic band that seals off the pouch. Lift tops are the most functional alternative available.

Round Jewelry Boxes or Rotating jewelry boxes are typically larger in size.

In fact, some of them can be classified as armoires. Like most armoires, they have a number of compartments and trays, fit to store most types of jewelry.

Decorate a wood box

They are practical for people with medium or large jewelry collections, as they have a lot to look through before making a decision.

Removable trays jewelry boxes are usually the size of a regular jewelry box.

Their main distinctive feature is that they have a wide, simple compartment at the bottom, which is exposed by removing a tray that sits on top of it. Usually, the tray provides several storage choices for different types of jewelry, including slots for rings and small compartments for bracelets. Removing the tray is made simple by two leather handles which are mounted at both ends of the tray.

Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Wood is the original material jewelry boxes were made of.

trinket box

Its resilience, availability and beauty have since made it a classic material, not only for jewelry boxes but for most items around us. Wooden jewelry boxes range from small, single-compartment keepsake boxes to jewelry armoires.

There is also a wide variety of designs and layouts for each of these boxes. Wooden boxes may be either rather light or quite cumbersome, depending on the type of wood they are made of.

Here, a special category is wooden carved boxes. These commonly mimic bedroom dressers and chests. Their inside is usually lined with velvet. In this way, they are reminiscent of keepsake boxes.

The majority of them have a hinged roof, while others have a detachable lid.

Now that we have covered the function and types of personal keepsake boxes. As we have seen there are many styles available to suit varying likes and dislikes.

In this next section, I wish to cover simple techniques I have used to decorate a wood box from scratch.

1. Paint and Transfer a Picture Onto A Wood Box….

It is best to use a transfer glue such as Sublifix to transfer an image on to your wood pieces,

So how does it work, you ask? When used, the fluid sits on the top, for you to be able to print onto many hard surfaces…

decorate a wood box

Important with printing, there are a number of different variables involved to produce the end product.

These include the printer, ink, software, transfer paper, heat press, and of course the quality of the substrate it is being applied to. Subli-fix is a pre-treatment liquid that allows sublimation ink to be successfully transferred to substrates, traditionally with this printing method.

Subli-fix can be used to transfer prints to the following materials: Wood, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Plastic


  • Make sure all printers are set to matte presentation paper instead of plain paper setting.
  • Substrates may differ in times and temperatures.
  • Medium to high pressure for the heat press for each weight of Substrate (hard surfaces)
  • Roll on or brush Subli-Fix evenly horizontally and vertically into the printable area of the surface.
  • MAKE sure all surfaces are completely dry ·
  • You can use a heat press at 185 degrees in the UK or 385 F USA. Set timer to accordingly.
  • Put material (substrate) onto the heat press with sublimation paper face down (greaseproof baking paper or Teflon sheet) over the fabric.
  • Press substrate down onto heat press “MUST” be set to setting (see graph below).

When the heat press beeps, release the handle and remove the protective sheet slowly.

Leave for transfer to cool down for 10mins · Please leave to dry for 12 hours after the press before applying any finisher or hardener.

This is a guideline only as presses and papers vary We highly recommend when first using Subli-fix you create some test samples,

It is important to use a transfer paper with a high ink release level to ensure the best results when the ink is transferred.

IMPORTANT: With dye sublimation printing, it is important to note that there are a number of different variables involved to produce the end product: the printer, ink, software, transfer paper heat-press, and of course the quality of the substrate (surface).

2. How to Decorate A Wood Box With Decoupage.

Decorate a wood box

1. Find or make a box to decorate. Look at your local craft store for plain boxes to decorate. You’ll likely be able to find them in wood.

2. Take off the lid off your box if it has one. This step will make the box easier to paint and decorate. Unscrew the hinges and latches.

3. Sand down wood boxes with medium-grit sandpaper as needed. If you have a wood box with rough edges, sandpaper can quickly take care of that problem.

4. Add primer or paint if you want a background. Pick up gesso (primer) from a craft store, along with a foam brush.

If you want your design to be crisp, safely cut your image out and paste it on the wood surface. However, it does take time to remove the border completely, so be patient and use a sharp pair of scissors. Cut out all the images you plan to use at once to make it easier to design your box.

Put a thin layer of glue on top of each image. Dip your paintbrush back into the glue mixture. Run it over the images, adding another thin layer of glue on top. Work in small, gentle strokes so you don’t tear the paper. Since it’s wet, it will tear more easily, particularly if you’re using napkins or tissue paper

Please refer to WIKIHOW for more detailed instructions.

3. Using Metal Sheet to Decorate

Decorate a wood box

Using bronze, silver or any other metal to decorate a wood box can give the box a worldly charm.

Fine woodworking skills are used to create this box, skills handed down through generation. In particular, this precious box is formed of hardwood inlaid with classical bronze.

The box is rectangular in form and set at the top with a hinged and curved shaped lid. Can be used for cards, jewelry, cigars, cigarettes or any small family keepsakes.

Inlaying contrasting material adds an eye-catching element to any wooden object, such as a picture frame, jewelry box, or piece of furniture. It is best to master this technique by first inlaying straight lines and then advancing to a circular or oval shape, before tackling a more intricate design. The simple method detailed below requires no specialized tools, while the complex instructions will allow you to make beautiful, intricate designs once you have the woodworking equipment and experience.

The simplest inlay is gradually cut into the wood where there are traced lines with a sharp knife. Using an x-acto knife or other hobby knife, cut into the traced lines.

  • Start by lightly scoring the wood to get a groove going. Once the groove is established, you can cut further down with less risk of your knife slipping along the wood grain.
  • Only cut into the wood just deep enough to fit the entire inlaid piece. If you end up slightly shallow, you can sand the inlaid piece down. If you end up too deep, you’ll have to sand the entire wooden surface to make it flush.

Gently, with glue and stick the pieces together. Hammer gently with the handle of a tool to push it down to the base of the recess. Further Instructions Are HERE

4. Decorate A Wood Box With Different Box Legs…

There are so many styles of box legs that can be found on AliExpress.com. It’s my first point of call when searching for a unique look. Here are some examples. The site is easy to navigate around and choose from. It is best to find bulk puys to save on freight fees.

Decorate a Wood Box

decorate a wood box

Corner Decorations can be found on Alibaba.com too.

Decorate a wood box


Various Hinges can be used to blend in with your style.

Decorate A wood box

Latches can be ornate of old-worldly for decoration.

Here is a picture of the box that I made and decorated myself with metal decoration I purchased on AliExpress.com

Decorate a wood box

Decorate a wood box


What better way to finish off a decorated wood box is to personalize with initials or signature. We live in an era of personalizing everything. To me, I prefer to spend time on good woodworking skills and selecting interesting decorations to enhance my crafted box. But the customer may have an anniversary or event to celebrate with the box being the chosen gift. After all, it is important to listen to what the customer wants and how the box will be used.

Other articles to read on the history of the simple trinket box. Or for other projects, other articles such as Supersonic Wooden Model Concorde may be of interest.

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