3 Facts About Power Tools On Sale

Power Tools

You have found power tools on sale and you ready to buy and add to your collection When you consider adding a new power tool to your arsenal, you probably pay more attention to its various speeds, capacities, and shiny accessories than to what the handle looks and feels like. But power and performance mean … Read more

Toy Helicopter Child’s Play

toy helicopter

You will be known as a “legend” by your own kids when you make this toy helicopter.  It won’t be a nuisance and taking up a lot of space as you can disassemble into several parts when it’s not being used. If you use recycled materials the cost of this project will be minimal. Materials … Read more

The Australian Backyard Shed

backyard shed

The Backyard Shed is an integral part of Australian life. No other nation values them as we do. Despite this, our sheds, modest from the outside yet glorious on the inside, have never really been recorded or their many purposes explained. Backyard Sheds come and go with no-one the wiser, remaining secret, and mysterious places … Read more