6 Simple Wood Projects for Beginners

In a few hours, a simple bench can be built, even if you are an inexperienced woodworker. This Simple Wood Projects for Beginners blog is to help you get started on some helpful items needed around the house. The projects are a combination of “pre made kits” and “start from scratch projects”.

Simple Wood Project for Beginners  – Shoe Rack

With clean, natural wood shelves, this project will help keep your footwear off the floor.

The materials used for this DIY project include pine, plywood, wood glue, nails, paint and sandpaper.

DIY Minimalist Shoe Rack _ 9 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

If you don’t have any power tools, you can get Home Depot to cut your wood to size for you.

Simple Wood Projects for Beginners – Key Wall Rack

Cut the boards to match your room, paint them, dress them to suit your needs with different kinds of hooks, and then screw them to the wall.

Wood logs and tree branches and add with custom hooks to make outstanding key organizers at home!

simple wood projects

Install also the key organizers as you see in the hotels using wood, get inspired by the given sample that comes with hardware label DIY key holders where you can number the keys! Another interesting sample is the wooden key organizers that come with cut out wooden “KEY” letters and also makes a beautiful wall art! Moreover, also add a wood slice with custom hooks to make beautiful key racks and craft the birdhouse styled key organizers that will be center of attention for sure!

Moreover, just add custom hooks to lower sides of picture frames and make outstanding key organizers and also secure your keys on a succulent DIY key holder that may come with a wall mounted vase and with a double side hardware hook installed just below the wall mounted vase!

Simple Wood Projects for Beginners – Coat and Hat Rack

Use a simple coat and hat rack to clear up entryway clutter that you can create from a 6 ft. 1×4 and coat hooks in about an hour.

Simplistic Wooden Coat Rack available in both light and dark wood.
Great addition to any room or entryway.

simple wood project for beginners

Comes with wall screws and anchors but you may need to provide your own wall anchors depending on the finish of your wall.

For more products to improve your home visit:


Simple Wood Projects for Beginners – Magazine Holder

Do you need a reliable way of archiving magazines and other relevant documents? Create this simple  shelve for storing magazines. Clkick here to purchase the product material. CLICK

simple wood project for beginners

Magazine rack built out of solid wood, in a rustic distressed finish to hold your favorite magazines or books. Comes with 2 pre drilled mounting holes for super easy mounting, and supplied with screws and wall anchors. This unit compliments the combo toilet paper holder/magazine unit if you are looking to match your decor. It’s always best to mount any of these items into solid wood backing (studs) if possible. Also available in a single unit, please message me for details

Approximate dimensions are- 11-1/4″ high x 5″ deep x 24-3/4″” across

Accessories are not included. Please note that the two ends are flush now, instead of having the 3/8″ lip as in the demo pictures, to allow more room for bigger magazines etc.

Please note that each unit will have it’s own unique features, distressing, knots, marks, and stain color, thank you!

Simple Wood Projects for Beginners – Spice Rack

It is fast and fun to make this spice rack and fits on a kitchen wall.

Solid, hand crafted, double shelf and metal rod unit. This unit comes in a rustic looking, distressed, barn board finish. The heavy duty metal rod on the “Bromley” is mounted into the drilled holes on the sides, for plenty of strength to hold your pots and pans, or whatever it is you have to hang from the optional ‘S’ hooks!

*(See my other spice rack if this one is too wide or you require 3 shelves)
Simple wood projects for beginners
-Made out of solid wood
-100% hand made in Canada
-2 shelves to store or display your spices or knick knacks
-A solid heavy duty metal rod to use the optional ‘S’ hooks, or your own method of hanging items
-Easy to to hang on your wall with the 2 keyhole hangers at the back.
(I always recommend if at all possible to get at least one of the screws into a stud or solid backing, as is the case with most item’s to be affixed to a wall)

Approximate dimensions-
Overall size is 3-1/2″ deep x 20″ high x 25-1/2″ wide. Shelf size for the bottom two are 3-3/8″ wide x 22-1/2″ long, top shelf 2-5/8″ x 22-1/2″

Please note; Accessories in the pictures are not included

Each item that you purchase will be built to the closest possible dimensions, color, shape, and distressing detail as shown in the sample pictures, however, each piece of wood has its own unique characteristics, ie: grain, texture, knots, and how it absorbs the stain or paint.

Simple Wood Projects for Beginners – A Pantry Storage Saver

Adjustable cabinet pullout great for renters, old kitchens new kitchens. Turn any cabinet into a custom fit design. Slides and shelf hold 75lbs great for mixers and multiple pots and pans! This storage saver slides into a drawer neatly and only takes an hour to put together.simple wood projects for beginners

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