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If you have a desire to step up and use power tools and you are just starting out, then this article is for you to read.

We will talk about price, accessories and ease of use. Its a personal choice in the end. But I will show you the things you need to consider when buying a power tool kit. Staying safe is the main priority.

Power Tool Safety First

Be aware of safety when using any power tools. It is best to wear protective clothing, ensure adequate lighting, wear protective eye gear, have adequate ventilation or dust collection system in place and even have consideration to tethering your tools in case of a fall.

Check that your tools are in good working order. Inspect the chuck of a drill to make sure its bits will be held fast once in place. Ensure the blade on a circular saw are properly locked in before plugging the tool into the electrical socket.

And inspect the area you work in. Are the surfaces safe enough to use power tools. Are there railings in place to steady your balance or to lean on while you use a power tool? Do you have the strength to control the tools of choice? If you don’t feel confident, get instruction from your supervisor or ask a certified  trades person for assistance. When I first started out, I asked several times how to use power tools properly.

If you feel a power tool isn’t working before you start, don’t use it until its been inspected by a licenced tradesman or return the goods back to the store. Also, make sure that you always use the proper power source for your tools. Have your tools fully charged before use so that full usage of the tool can be appreciated. And finally ensure you electrical supply outlet, extension cords and sockets are able to handle the voltage required to operate the power tool.

Consider the materials you are working with. If the material is metal, use a fine drill first and then move up to a larger drill bit once the fine hole is made. With wood, consider if old nails are left inside and use a metal detector if you are unsure. An old nail can blunt your blade at the least and cause a “kick back” and injure yourself at the worst. Hardwood may need a coarser blade to cut. Softer wood like pine can use a finer blade to cut.

It is important to be alert and patient with your power tools. Have confidence in their use before you start. This will ensure safe and practical usage of the power tool.

What to Consider When Buying Your Tool Kit.

Basically,  you can find a pack that contains all the tools you will ever need, or you can purchase a pack intended to fulfill a smaller scope of explicit needs. Hopefully you will get any point of sale questions answered. The main question to ask yourself is “will these tools be sufficient to meet my needs?”. Secondly, you generally can contact the manufacturer or specialist to give you some advice .

Consideration also needs to be given when assessing the accessories that come with the power tool kit. These kits ought to contain drill bits for different materials and driving in different screws, spare saw blades that can deal with most wood up to the two-by-four easily, and saw blades with an assortment of edges.

If you are looking to increase and upgrade you power tool kit then you need to consider a cut off tool that, fitted with the correct plate. Likewise don’t ignore the comfort of a brilliant light which is frequently remembered for bigger units. A light source than can sit on the floor or mounted to a divider or other surface can be important when you are working in poor lighting.

For the expert manufacturer or the practiced DIY fan, there is likely no requirement for a general tool pack with one of each sort of the fundamental tools. Rather search for units that are different kit for specific tools. For example, many power tool kits contain a portable saw, a jigsaw, a cut off tool, and a responding saw plus different accessories like a drill or light.

If you already possess one, two, or even three of these tools, then its best to buy them in a set kit. Accordingly the kit will contain a few extra things  and will be a backup if a power tool breaks later. If you buy a additional single power tool on its own it highly likely to be more expensive per tool and not accessorized.

Different Accessories To Consider

It is best to use power tools with protective eye wear and clothing. Sparks can fly and splinters can occur. Where possible always be aware of keeping your fingers away from moving parts and ensure you have a firm foothold where you are standing. If you are on ground that’s not levelled find a way to stabilize you position while you are operating you power tool. If you are unstable and slip the consequences of such an accident mean you may lose a finger and end up with a life threatening wound.

Don’t ignore the usage of “basic” hand tools, for example, a great screwdriver or wrench. While power tools offer more grunt, they may not have the accuracy of a person employing a hand tool with care.

1. Makita DLX6035 – approx $850 AUD

6 reliable, efficient tools and a versatile flashlight make up the Makita DLX6035, which comes with a gear bag for transporting everything around. The circular saw is a fast cutter at 3700 rotations per minute..

  • Makita DHP458Z – 18V Cordless Hammer Drill Driver Skin
  • Makita DSS611Z – 18V Cordless 165mm Circular Saw Skin
  • Makita DJR186Z – 18V Cordless Recipro Saw Skin
  • Makita DGA452Z  – 18V Cordless 115mm Angle Grinder Skin
  • Makita DTD152Z – 1/4″ Cordless Impact Driver
  • Makita DML185Z – 18V Swivel Head Torch Skin
  • 2 x Makita BL1830 – 18V 3.0Ah LI-ion Batteries
  • Makita DC18RC – 14.4V – 18V Active 3 Li-Ion Rapid Charger
  • Makita 831278-2 – Large Cordless Tools Duffel Carry Bag



2. DeWalt Max – approx $500

The DeWalt Max  is equipped with 5 , 20-volt tools, including a hammer drill with a powerful transmission and a self-tightening chuck. It also includes an LED work light with a rotating head to help you see clearly in dark spaces. The tools are smaller in size providing a good grip for smaller hands.

DCD985 1/2″ Hammerdrill
DCS381 Reciprocating Saw
DCF885 1/4″ Impact Driver
DCS393 6 1/2″ Circular Saw
DCL040 LED Work Light
(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 3.0 Ah Battery Packs
Fast Charger
360° Side Handle
Belt Hook
Carbide Tipped Blade
Contractor Bag



3.BLACK+DECKER BDCDMT1206KITC Matrix 6 Tool Combo Kit with Case – Approx $640 AUD

In addition to a few common devices, the Black&Decker is something you’ll be thankful for when doing the basic jobs at home.  Everything is lightweight for easy handling.

  • Flashlight with Up to 11 Hrs Run Time
  • Cordless Power & convenience. Part of the 18V Lithium-Ion System
  • Circular saw with Metal Shoe has Sight Line For Accurate Cutting
  • The drill provides power and speed to drill into wood, metal and for all screw-driving tasks
  • 6 Piece Kit is ideal for a multitude of DIY tasks
  • Recip Saw with Tool free Blade Change, Quick & Easy Hassle free Blade change


4. Porter-Cable 8-Tool – approx $842 AUD

The Porter-Cable 8-Tool  essentially consolidates the primary components of a carpenter’s truck into one convenient package. In addition to all the usual gear, it also contains an oscillating multitool and a sander to ensure you’re as prepared as possible.


5.Ryobi P883 18V ONE+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Super Combo Kit

With this tool kit you can sand wood and even saw metal using its sturdy blade. That being said, the Ryobi also comes with including an impact driver that provides more torque than you’re likely to require.
    • Circular Saw does not vibrate while in use
    • Work light has a nifty swivel head
    • Hammer drill
    • Reciprocating Saw


6. GETUHAND Cordless Tools Combo Kit – approx $288

src=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/images.wealthyaffiliate.com/uploads/2016899/sitecontent/be3dd77a5dc51f3bf0a7d5f6639a2c63_cropped.jpg?1582949474″ width=”229″ height=”187″ />

7. Porter Cable PCCK 4 Tool Combo – approx $350 AUD

The lithium batteries included with the Porter Cable PCCK  are designed to charge fully in less than an hour, freeing up more time for productivity. Within this set you’ll find a two-speed drill, a well-balanced circular saw and a helpful owner’s manual.

      • Includes a carrying bag
      • Metal and wood blades
      • Comes with a trim saw


8.DEWALT 20V MAX Combo Kit, Compact 6-Tool (DCK620D2) – $1100 AUD

The DeWalt — a comprehensive six-tool set is much more versatile than the 4 tool kit— includes an impact driver that generates impressive torque and a circular saw with a carbide blade that can cut two-by-fours at a 45-degree angle in one pass. It’s a nice option for an ambitious homeowner.


9.Bosch Cordless Bundle: Hammer Drill, Jigsaw, Multi Tool and Sander (1 Battery, 10.8 Volt)

Tools Cordless Bundle on Amazon places a premium on comfort, as the handles on these tools are designed to minimize strain on your hands and arms. Bosch Power Tools is versatile enough to help you access tight, hard-to-reach spaces, as well.

    • Bosch Power Tools Kit includes: Hammer Drill, Jigsaw, Sander, Multi Tool, 1 x 10.8 Volt Battery and Charger
    • Bosch Power Tools are Compact, ergonomic shape and a low weight ensures fatigue-free working
    • Bosch Power Tools No memory effect, no self-discharge thanks to lithium-ion technology

Bosch Cordless Bundle

10.CRAFTSMAN V20* Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 7 Tool (CMCK700D2)

This CRAFTSMAN V20 Lithium 7-tool Combo kit provides the tools, batteries, charger, and Accessories needed to get any job done.



I am going to add on Milwaukee;
Milwaukee 2696-26 M18 Cordless LITHIUM-ION 6-Tool Combo Kit – it is currently unavailable on Amazon  but it too is a reliable and robust brand to use year after year. The combo kit includes;

  • M18™ 1/2″ Hammer Drill / Driver (2602-20),
  • M18™ 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver (2650-20),
  • M18™Sawzall® Recip Saw (2620-20),
  • M18™ 6 ½” Circular Saw (2630-20),
  • M18™ 4-1/2″ Cut-off / Grinder (2680-20) and
  • M18™ Work Light (49-24-0171).

The M18™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION System’s patented technologies and electronics, innovative motor design, and superior ergonomics provide the most efficient blend of power, weight and performance in the industry. Powered by REDLITHIUM™ the M18™ cordless system delivers more torque, more power, and longer run-time than the competition. If you can find this combo in stock with another supplier, I think they are worth their price of approx $800.



In conclusion, you may be wondering which is the best quality or best value for money. I have tried to consider a variety of likes and dislikes. There are some great projects for you to get started with. My preference is for the Makita DLX or the Dewalt brand as they offer a good range of starter tools and accessories.

The price is reasonable for what you get with Makita. Its not top of the range but close to it. These brands are robust for long time usage. You can always upgrade with multiple usable attachments.  The batteries last longer than other brands (up to 10 hours) so you can on with the job. The kits are well presented and offer a sturdy carry bag to transport your tools around if need be.

Other brands such as Bosch and Craftsman are reliable brands too. But if you just starting out and need a variety of start up tools I would favor Dewalt or Makita. Some other brands for power tool kits are available on the Amazon AU site . Please shop around on line to find you choice. Check battery usage as these days you should be able to get at least 5 to 6 hours of battery usage before you have to recharge.

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